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  1. Mr.Deagle

    Guestion about Credit Shop?

    @home id just spend wisely not spend to much but enough to get your basic perks etc more forges and stuff so you aint gotta worry about losing money when the servers die in a month not go all out and spend 100s if you aint got that type of pocket change to do so with.
  2. Mr.Deagle


    Costumes - They added sorta like a goofy aspect to the game mode but they also worked really really well on the grindy side just might need to look into the hitboxes on some of them.
  3. Mr.Deagle


    Suggestions I have but people may not agree with. Skills - Add back in skills but make sure they are overhauled / reworked to work better for all players. I do agree there were some broken skills during 2.0 but I did like the armor and health regen skills I thought they brought in a skill factor other than just aiming better or having better gear to outlast someone. Weapons - Rework weapons so its not just shotgun meta or scout meta? more autos?? New armor - ???? maybe some new armor you can get in the ark dungeon or earn tickets or something for completing the dungeon killing lets say a dungeon boss or sum that can be spent on better armor?? Banks - I feel myself personally after you start trying to get upgrades your bank will fill super fast and it gets really hard to store stuff if you haven't purchased a bank upgrade so maybe make 2 instead of just 1 free, usually people use gang storage for getting rid of some of the clutter. Crafting - Not sure if This version will have this problem but epics with absolutely no stats to go with them doesn't seem all that fair or plausible to me? Atleast give it 1 stat not zip?? Yeah that's all I got for now
  4. Mr.Deagle


    no gale I wont raid you