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  1. Kamron

    Add some form of events

    I agree I don't think events should be a thing that is required to have staff on because let's be honest it hasn't looked good in the past plus they deal with tickets due to rdm, nlr, etc to handle. Having the Bosses in 2.0 was awesome and rewarding.
  2. Kamron

    Suggestion post

    Alright so Beginners are always confused in gangwars by the depth and progression of the gamemode - Just have an In-depth guide on the forums along with a Video and players will understand. A good way to aide this issue with new players being raped I think would be to have a custom coded default gang with no population limit - Dont think this is a good idea since you have a lot of rules that go with gangs like if a gang member is being attacked you can fight that person and that would be aids for the person who isnt in the default gang because now everyone in the default can now kill them and this is really just for 1-30 by then you should be in a gang or be a solo player out of the default. You might as well just say 1-30 pvp which is a no as well. If you think level 25 printers aren't good enough to warrant a slam raid at one point or another you were probably proved wrong playing here. - Welcome to Gangwarsrp New and better ways to level - +1 I agree
  3. Kamron

    crimecity map

    I think a whole new map would be better than this, Gangwarsp always had compacted Maps rather than open ones like this. Too much running!
  4. Kamron

    Sup Yall, Its Me, Ya Boi

    Used to go by the name, Tyltim, Sofix, Something else idk, If you remember me thats cool and all, plan on coming back if gangwarsrp does!
  5. Kamron

    [WIP] City Map

    I like the idea of a new map compared to using old ones even though the first one is really good! When making a map for gangwarsrp, You need to think about these things, "Checkpoints, The Bank, Portals, NPCs, Tunnels, The Upgrades Factory, How big the map is, Theme "By the looks of its the are doing the 2.0 theme with the "logo", and more. And the thing about Gangwarsrp Maps is they are compacts with the housings, not spread out like yours, remember that.
  6. Kamron

    Guestion about Credit Shop?

    I think this time around they are taking a better step into returning than in the past, They left Teamspeak and went to discord full time, They have a whole new website rather than other returns so this shows they are taking their time and not rushing it and taking a better look at this rather than just giving us old content that we always had before and from failed copies, but to give us a new experience without forfeiting the feel of it actually being gang wars. They have done this in the past with gangwars 2.0 but failed and this time they learn from past mistakes and things players actually wanted from both and make something new, fun, and not boring enough to quit after a month. So I would stay around and watch for updates and what they say about this return to really know if investing money will be worth it or not compared to the past. but so far so good!
  7. Kamron

    is this gangwarsrp

    Damn its been a long time no see @charlie Lets hope this comeback is good.