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  1. Th2 HomeGuard

    Guestion about Credit Shop?

    So, in the past years GWRP have been tried to be resseracted from the dead. but in my knowledge, I have learned that GWRP wont be up long before its "dead for good" and in all those trys to make the game great again. I personaly have bought alot of credits over the years, none returned after it died, only weeks after it came back. so my question to the Admins and the dev's is. how can u make sure this time wont be any diffrent? does the players of this community have any garantie. if any players should buy credits it wont be for noffthing? just a waste of money? or is it just a risk we take without anything?
  2. Th2 HomeGuard

    Guestion about Credit Shop?