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  1. froggyfresh2012

    Suggestion post

    --- Leveling has always been stretched out and boring. Printing and quests are the only way. In my opinion what gangwars always lacks is a way for a new player to want to stay on the server and keep trying. Leveling has to be made easier to the point where even when lots of people are high level, a new guy can still start playing and have hopes of reaching end game and not have to worry about being way too behind to even play the server. In gangwars it has ALWAYS been the people who can no life the server the most that reach max level and get the best items. And everyone else is doomed to fail to these players. A good way to aide this issue with leveling being boring and seemingly impossible when you are far behind is to just make leveling a minuscule thing about gangwars. It should just be made easy. Not insanely easy, but also not weeks of sitting in your ball-sweat pressing e on printers for 8-12 (some people go harder lol) hours a day hard. Gangwars should start to be more focused on the fighting, not the grinding. No one has the time of day or the right mind to play like this anymore. Gangwars needs to change with its players (and adapt to newer ones as well) *more suggestions to come soon*
  2. froggyfresh2012

    Suggestion post

    Beginners are always confused in gangwars by the depth and progression of the gamemode, at a massive disadvantage, no cool looking/strong items and are broke as shit. Morales down. All alone usually. An active Gangwars server is raw and cold with the huge amounts of advantages you can acquire and abuse people with. Not to be mistaken for a friendly TTT gaylord christian server or some 12 year olds hide and seek server. You come alone you die alone. If you think level 25 printers aren't good enough to warrant a slam raid at one point or another you were probably proved wrong playing here. A good way to aide this issue with new players being raped I think would be to have a custom coded default gang with no population limit for new players to be put in when their character is created. (and can leave at any time if they choose to join a new gang , or their friends, or make their own. And it should probably auto-kick you after a certain level maybe 60 or something along those lines) This would help newbies who joined the server alone band together , meet new players, and be stronger than they would if they were walking the cold streets of gwrp by themselves. Getting raided and raped all by your self in this massive-confusing gamemode is never fun. It would help keep new players going toward higher levels and unite them, rather than have them give up because they are all by themselves and have no friends or gang to assist them ( or even have fun with) *more suggestions to come soon*