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  1. De_Gale

    [WIP] City Map

    keep this thred updated @Camo id like to see how it comes along !
  2. De_Gale

    Guestion about Credit Shop?

    just be safe for the first month , double xp , print expansion etc the basics, but we also dont know what this new version might be like. it could revolve around killing more then printing we have no idea till they tease it so we will just have to wait and see
  3. De_Gale

    Changelog #1 | 01-10-2018

    good shit my man cant wait to see how it turns out 😉
  4. De_Gale


    yo its me i hope to see all of you old boys on this server even the ones that hate me, be fun to reconnect and raid each other hopefully no one will hack or ddos this time.