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    - Prevent equip/unequip weapons in combat - Replaced keypads with a more updated version which can't be ghosted (cl lua scripts could trace your key presses on the old one) - Replaced fading door with another version to allow non-toggle FDs. - Cleaned up tools, fixed emp and exploit prevention in sign tool. - No collide props on physgun pickup - Fixed gang money exploit related to poor checking in gang logo purchase - Fixed everything related to entity ownership/transfer of ownership on takeover - Changed drop chances - Fixed item create introduced in recent commit - General error fixes - Bomb rework - Reserve job when going on duty - Identified widespread issue with job checks using parts of an old system that isn't working - Made Powerplant un-ownable. - Reworked the terrorist job, so only people who participate in the defuse can damage the terrorists. - Removed useless gang items, to be replaced with new items. - Corrected All old achievements - Corrected everything related to TEAM_
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    I'm quite sure a lot of you may know this from a while back now that I have been working on a Map. I have been working on this on/offline as much as I can, I have made quite a lot of progress and I'm here to share some pics with you guys to show how the progress is going. ****Please keep in mind these pictures are still a Work In Progress and are subject to change.**** Spawn Section 1 (TBN)
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    Beginners are always confused in gangwars by the depth and progression of the gamemode, at a massive disadvantage, no cool looking/strong items and are broke as shit. Morales down. All alone usually. An active Gangwars server is raw and cold with the huge amounts of advantages you can acquire and abuse people with. Not to be mistaken for a friendly TTT gaylord christian server or some 12 year olds hide and seek server. You come alone you die alone. If you think level 25 printers aren't good enough to warrant a slam raid at one point or another you were probably proved wrong playing here. A good way to aide this issue with new players being raped I think would be to have a custom coded default gang with no population limit for new players to be put in when their character is created. (and can leave at any time if they choose to join a new gang , or their friends, or make their own. And it should probably auto-kick you after a certain level maybe 60 or something along those lines) This would help newbies who joined the server alone band together , meet new players, and be stronger than they would if they were walking the cold streets of gwrp by themselves. Getting raided and raped all by your self in this massive-confusing gamemode is never fun. It would help keep new players going toward higher levels and unite them, rather than have them give up because they are all by themselves and have no friends or gang to assist them ( or even have fun with) *more suggestions to come soon*
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    honestly id love to see a base of 45 props defend against 8 raiders
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    Printers reworked. Instead of just pressing F4 and buying 400 printers, why not require you to craft different levels of printers? This gives far more incentive to raid players. Printers would go into inventory/stash Lower prop limit 45 max after all bonuses? Make it tie into bases with mapping blocks? A base is defined as the area inside of the base and 45 props is the absolute maximum allowed inside of the house. Any player-owned props that make it into the base are deleted. This helps hard-code maximum prop bases and prop ramps, prop pushing, etc into bases. Remove excess crap,... Casino? Yuck Mounts? They cause more bugs and more issues. Focus on core gameplay (You better fucking keep Connect 4 tho) Remove banker, make the stash openable from anywhere on the map (This goes hand-in-hand with printers) Make items bigger, this limits how much people can just spam away into 4 pages of their bank. No longer are you hoarding 18 sets of Legendary titan. Why is a massive piece of armor the same size as a printer fragment? Redesign the character/inventory menu, maybe something closer to what Diablo looks like? Character items + stats + inventory all in one. (Allow a button to minimize the character menu and only have the inventory) Why not add in cryptocurrency stuff? Stock market? Nah fam, we got the crypto market. This would need to be carefully designed, maybe could tie in miners? Maybe GangwarsMobile built into the game!? OOOOOO BOI Rework xp rates, money sinks, money gained from printers, bars given from smelters, etc. Make it so you aren't finishing the game in 1 day. There should be no reason why a scout is never even considered as an actual weapon, nor why the MP5 cant do well either. Armor should help you, but armor shoudn't make you invincible to lower level players. If a player is good enough, they should be able to still kill you, even if you are level 99. Remove tiers, and just rework the rates. Adding more content to the end instead of fixing what you already have just makes the game a drag. Infinite grind is never fun Finalize your shit before you push 1.0, don't pull GWRP 1.1, 1.2,1.5,2.0,3.0 SWRP, ETC... You get the point, finalize what you got before you push it out. It will bite you in the ass when you can't change rates without pissing everyone off.
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    --- Leveling has always been stretched out and boring. Printing and quests are the only way. In my opinion what gangwars always lacks is a way for a new player to want to stay on the server and keep trying. Leveling has to be made easier to the point where even when lots of people are high level, a new guy can still start playing and have hopes of reaching end game and not have to worry about being way too behind to even play the server. In gangwars it has ALWAYS been the people who can no life the server the most that reach max level and get the best items. And everyone else is doomed to fail to these players. A good way to aide this issue with leveling being boring and seemingly impossible when you are far behind is to just make leveling a minuscule thing about gangwars. It should just be made easy. Not insanely easy, but also not weeks of sitting in your ball-sweat pressing e on printers for 8-12 (some people go harder lol) hours a day hard. Gangwars should start to be more focused on the fighting, not the grinding. No one has the time of day or the right mind to play like this anymore. Gangwars needs to change with its players (and adapt to newer ones as well) *more suggestions to come soon*
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    +support, definitely like the idea. It's always been "oh no we're being raided, destroy everything" This would definitely be a fix to that, if not this idea then something along these lines please.
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    How to make a proper ban request! Before posting a ban request please ensure you have valid proof Valid proof counts as; Pictures uploaded to https://imgur.com/ or to the board attachment system Videos uploaded to youtube. The form below must be filled out completely The offender must be clearly, visibly breaking rules (including name) on the pictures/videos Bold text comes BEFORE the colon! This is how not to do it: Offender's SteamID: STEAM_0:1:23456789 This is how to do it correctly: Offender's SteamID: STEAM_0:1:23456789
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    Some statements to make. Mapping isn't easy and iterations are the only way to learn, take my criticism as constructive and try to build on it Pre-plan and write your ideas down, you will not succeed with iterating over the same map for hours on end, you need to have a goal. Skyboxes can make or break a map, I honestly think your choice breaks the map. Several of your texture choices look very flat and over-used, giving it a gloomy and very un-realistic look. (Think about a curb, it might take 3-5 different textures to fill out a sidewalk properly) Try to think about the scale of the map, this seems too big. Carlanton's CrimeCity map was way too big, LtShinySides's downtown map seemed find a good medium. A simple spawn area is nice, but this seems too simple. Try to add some spice, different textures, different facades. Give it some running rustic pipes, some good bright materials, something to make it stand out and pop. If you're going for a train-station feel, take a look at real-life examples and get some modeling idea off that. Bases and areas should be designed with padding between them, if you look at gw_downtown_v5 you will notice that there is not a single base that shares a wall with another base. This is on purpose, it adds padding to stop prop pushers, printers from affecting each other, and etc. Don't go overboard. gw_downtown_v5 had 35 potential bases (32 after subtracting power plant, bank, police station) most of these bases weren't used. Design bases to purposely mess players up. RobCo wasn't designed with the player's best interest. This is by design, it shouldn't be easy for you to throw 65 props at a wall and be safe. Add annoying pillars, more than 1 door and etc. Buildings looking flat is okay! 99% of players won't care if you can run a full 360 degrees around a building, its better to put a "front" of the building as the only area you can see and imagine the rest of the building. (I.e the bank in gw_downtown_v5) Don't try displacements a map like this, its not worth the time or effort to perfect them. Be careful on the custom textures that you use, many textures are meant to be combined with other textures. Stretching them over a large plot of land could be pretty repetitive and horribly ugly. I challenge you to try and locate repeating textures in gw_downtown_v5 that don't look right, there aren't many. Most are broken up with other textures or pillars. Use real life as your examples, its easy and its how every professional ever does it. Goodluck.
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    this guy isnt smart
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    Hello all of to be gangers of new and improved mercior style gangwars. Tis Camo and I know lots of you know me if not I used to be an Admin for GWRP back in the day..
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    -Fixed kill text being a random ass number. -Fixed a way to rob the vault remotely. -Fixed a way to accept quests remotely. -Fixed Guns being able to be swapped in fights -Fixed that Golems only did health damage, and not armor -Fixed NPC constant swipe -Fixed NPC not being able to move -Increased range of Police Scanner -Added so AFK Players are nocollided in spawn -Reduced regen for both Armor and Health -Fixed Top Banner on scoreboard being CrimeWars, instead of GangWars Forum Changelog -Added chatbox -Setup Forum Pages -Setup Forum Ranks -Setup Forum Reputation Ranks
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    yo its me i hope to see all of you old boys on this server even the ones that hate me, be fun to reconnect and raid each other hopefully no one will hack or ddos this time.
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    Well hello 😉 Guess you're one of the first to visit.
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    Have a raid timer that makes printers invincible to the people that own them to prevent people from just destroying everything right before the raiders get into the base. Maybe press a button or something in the tab menu to initiate the raid and the printer owners cant destroy their stuff for 20 minutes. Make raids more useful, in the last iteration of GW the only thing you got from a raid is the BM potential.
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    Suggestions I have but people may not agree with. Skills - Add back in skills but make sure they are overhauled / reworked to work better for all players. I do agree there were some broken skills during 2.0 but I did like the armor and health regen skills I thought they brought in a skill factor other than just aiming better or having better gear to outlast someone. Weapons - Rework weapons so its not just shotgun meta or scout meta? more autos?? New armor - ???? maybe some new armor you can get in the ark dungeon or earn tickets or something for completing the dungeon killing lets say a dungeon boss or sum that can be spent on better armor?? Banks - I feel myself personally after you start trying to get upgrades your bank will fill super fast and it gets really hard to store stuff if you haven't purchased a bank upgrade so maybe make 2 instead of just 1 free, usually people use gang storage for getting rid of some of the clutter. Crafting - Not sure if This version will have this problem but epics with absolutely no stats to go with them doesn't seem all that fair or plausible to me? Atleast give it 1 stat not zip?? Yeah that's all I got for now
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    @home id just spend wisely not spend to much but enough to get your basic perks etc more forges and stuff so you aint gotta worry about losing money when the servers die in a month not go all out and spend 100s if you aint got that type of pocket change to do so with.
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    Hello guys iknow we already gonna use 2 maps but we should use this map https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1129149774 its way better also a fun way to add cars back in the game:)
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    Are you crazy in the head? just p2w and stop whining
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