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    - Prevent equip/unequip weapons in combat - Replaced keypads with a more updated version which can't be ghosted (cl lua scripts could trace your key presses on the old one) - Replaced fading door with another version to allow non-toggle FDs. - Cleaned up tools, fixed emp and exploit prevention in sign tool. - No collide props on physgun pickup - Fixed gang money exploit related to poor checking in gang logo purchase - Fixed everything related to entity ownership/transfer of ownership on takeover - Changed drop chances - Fixed item create introduced in recent commit - General error fixes - Bomb rework - Reserve job when going on duty - Identified widespread issue with job checks using parts of an old system that isn't working - Made Powerplant un-ownable. - Reworked the terrorist job, so only people who participate in the defuse can damage the terrorists. - Removed useless gang items, to be replaced with new items. - Corrected All old achievements - Corrected everything related to TEAM_
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    How to make a proper ban request! Before posting a ban request please ensure you have valid proof Valid proof counts as; Pictures uploaded to https://imgur.com/ or to the board attachment system Videos uploaded to youtube. The form below must be filled out completely The offender must be clearly, visibly breaking rules (including name) on the pictures/videos Bold text comes BEFORE the colon! This is how not to do it: Offender's SteamID: STEAM_0:1:23456789 This is how to do it correctly: Offender's SteamID: STEAM_0:1:23456789
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    -Fixed kill text being a random ass number. -Fixed a way to rob the vault remotely. -Fixed a way to accept quests remotely. -Fixed Guns being able to be swapped in fights -Fixed that Golems only did health damage, and not armor -Fixed NPC constant swipe -Fixed NPC not being able to move -Increased range of Police Scanner -Added so AFK Players are nocollided in spawn -Reduced regen for both Armor and Health -Fixed Top Banner on scoreboard being CrimeWars, instead of GangWars Forum Changelog -Added chatbox -Setup Forum Pages -Setup Forum Ranks -Setup Forum Reputation Ranks
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    Well hello 😉 Guess you're one of the first to visit.