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Re: Ideas
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Welcome to the shitfest


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Re: Ideas
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Add a filter for simple racist phrases, circumventing the filter is against the rules.

Endgame needs to be changed up a bit, make the game mode 1.0 with a twist of some sort.

Add gang slots to the equivalent of what they were in the original 1.0 (promotes bigger gang fights and gets the community to interact to help out when fighting bigger gangs etc).

Make sniper rifles viable (not only as a side).

Keep the legendary rarity(?)

No level 7's or 8's pls

Make the infinite orbs (and all orbs for that case) hard to obtain

Make the game more pvp based, keeps the game interesting while your grinding to 99

I'm assuming tiers won't be in the game but don't have them in the game either way.

Please don't reuse Uptown, it simply won't work for 1.0 (with bullet force or w/o it)

To add to the upgrades, dont have bullet force/pull (completly useless) and dont even consider bringing back shock or corrode because you'll end up making one completely op *cough* corrode.