October 10, 2015, 03:19:23 pm
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xx Screen shot contest

Today at 11:30:39 am by Re-L Mayer
Screen shot contest

Topic: Team play !

Contest Rules:
ALL pictures must be submitted to www.imgur.com .
Troll pictures will automatically disqualify ALL pictures submitted by that person.
Submissions are limited to four pictures MAX per person.
Screenshots must be submitted to this thread!
We will be choosing 1 picture :)
You must include your Steam ID in the post! If you do not know it use our ID finder!
This contest will run for 1 week!

Due big spam on other post I had to make new one only for screenshot contest please don't spam this one and post only pictures inside!
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xx A new change!

October 09, 2015, 09:16:05 am by c00t
Hey guys, as some of you could probably tell, Re-L has stepped down to become the community manager and has appointed me the job of Head Admin! I would like to thank Mercior and Re-L for giving me this opportunity! Many of you already know me so this should hopefully be a smooth transition.

I was brought into the admin team by Thor over 3 years ago and my goal has always been to help Gangwars in any possible way I can. I am here to not only help the administration team but also the players in problems they are having. If anyone needs to contact me, you can contact me by Forum P.M or in teamspeak. I am here to help everyone to the best of my ability.

With that being said, I would like to start off with a few new Trial Admins!

IlIlIlIlIl (Call him barcode)

Please give these them a round of applause as they have shown that they want to help gangwars thrive. Please give them the same respect as you would give the current admins :)

I am also still looking for new admins so please don't hesitate to send in your applications (even if you’re new!).

(Barcode and OneShot please contact of me for your ranks)


My part now. Hello !
Many of you may wonder why there has been so many changes recently, I haven't had the time to manage the admin team and the community at the same time. c00t is now going to manage the admin team. Please give c00t the upmost respect, i'm 100% sure he will do a great job.


  • We have new server ip for it is: .
  • Added time limit on how often you can start a gang war. It is now once every 6 hours and this counts across all servers.
  • Fixed Cop HUD.
  • Fixed bug where tier weapons crafted with incorrect stats!
  • Overclockers of equal value are not going to be "eaten".
  • Fixed "hazard" after being arrested during errand mission
  • The XP cap on bankers was 1500. I've upped it to 2000. Base chance of diamond is 10%. You can get up to +10% from being at max deposits.
  • Added 15min delay on item despawn when leaving.
  • You cant swagbag overclockers anymore.
  • Added Quest Progress dropdowns.
  • Many bug fixes!

Have fun,
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xx Grand Opening !

October 03, 2015, 09:32:13 am by Re-L Mayer
We are happy to announce the reboot of Gangwars RP. Thank you for all for the quick support, with all donations and ideas! So far i’ve seen a great amount of donations come in, so we will be able put even more content in-game soon with the release of ARC! I'm glad that you have stuck with our community after so many fails. I must admit, 2015 has been a really hard year for Gangwars but I plan to make the best out of the last 2 months!. With this new update, I am gonna give you guys a changelog and announce a few promotions! So starting from promotions, I'm happy to announce that c00t has become my right hand man! So if there is anything you need help with and I'm not online, c00t is right person to go to! Now with the Super Admins! These guys have proven themselves to be helpful and all around great admins!

KingCareBearʕ ·ᴥ·ʔ
Co Bullet

Here we have our new Full Admins! These 3 have completed and passed the Trial Admin phase and have now moved onto the Full Admins!


And finally, some new admins! I thought a lot about this decision so please welcome our 2 new Trial Admins! I believe these 2 individuals will do good and help the community in any way they can! Please welcome:


(Contact me for your introduce and rank.)


  • Added Level 7, Level 8 upgrades
  • Added Tier-Level Special Weapons
  • Added Tier-Level Armor Sets (Up to level 90, more coming)
  • Added special armor sets 'Nanosuit' and 'Brutal' armor (Tier 100!)
  • Winning a gang base fight gives you +60% of your levels XP
  • Winning a gang base defense gives you +40% of your levels XP
  • Gang Fighting XP increased
  • Tier XP is easier
  • Adjusted crafting luck so luck upgrades have more effect
  • Boosted all weapon DPS for faster fights (give us a few days to patch this to perfection :p)
  • No more dragging materials to craft. Just drag the BP and hit craft
  • No more splitting stacks to refine upgrades. Just drag on your upg stack and refine
  • You can override overclocked printers with a better/more powerful overclocker
  • Added Orbs, nametags to BP Shop (Orb BP = 10 mil)
  • You do no damage to players in your party
  • Epics are now only 8s
  • Reserved slot for admins
  • Slams immune to grav gun
  • All tier upgrades now can be levelled to +20 instead of +10
  • (Tier Upgs) Increased fire dmg and ice dmg from 1% per lvl to 4%
  • (Tier Upgs) Increased hp from 50 per lvl to 80
  • (Tier Upgs) Increased armor from 60 per lvl to 100
  • A load of bugfixes and exploit fixes!

Rules change:

  • 8.6 "You are only allowed to have a maximum of two steam accounts playing GangWarsRP. One main account and one alternative ("alt") account."
  • A base is defined as an area where roleplay items can be stored. That area must be in an ownable building or past the fences surrounding an ownable building.

See you in-game,
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xx Reboot

September 25, 2015, 10:20:06 am by GangWars

GangWars 2015 Reboot:

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xx GangWars 2015

September 21, 2015, 10:34:32 am by GangWars
Sadly today our kickstarter has finished with only 10% of the required funds. Thank you to the people who pledged money towards it - we appreciate your support a lot. Kickstarter will automatically return your money since the project was not funded.

For now ARC cannot be released due to the money issues we have so I will return my focus to simply launching GangWars again. I am actively working with the admin team to try and get in the changes the community wants before release. If you want to be a part of this, contact Re-L and if he thinks you are a good person to be contributing to development then he can give you access to our trello board which is where development takes place.

ETA on delivery of the GangWars reboot is going to be roughly +2 weeks from now to allow time for further development + testing.
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