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xx March's Season's End !

April 04, 2015, 07:22:05 pm by Re-L Mayer

Hello !
The first season of GangWarsRP, 2015, is now over! With that said, I want to congratulate Bear Expedition for taking 3rd place, Seduction with 2nd place and last but not least, well done to Big Dick Club with 1st place! Good season guys, well done. Good work M3RCURY with pushing your gang to be victorious!

Good luck!
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xx Promotions & Rule changes.

April 02, 2015, 11:53:28 pm by Re-L Mayer
It’s been hard week for administration team! We have been fixing some rules and of course some promotions. Today I want to welcome new face to the admin team. Please congratulate Incicive I’m sure he will be a great addition to the team also we got some promotions! With that being said, Vito and Demon have passed their trial period. They have been helping us a lot finding rule breakers and naughty dupers! :( . Here is a list of rules that has been edited/changed:

  • 1.2 "Any kind of Racism is not allowed."
  • 4.9 "The Mayor cannot harm wanted players"
  • 2.4 "Prop ramps must be spawned without materials on them. You may only spawn one prop during a raid to use as a ramp and you must be able to shoot through the prop."
  • 3.5 "You may only have one working keypad per fading door it must be visible placed next to the door. The keypad may not be attached to a prop. Fake Keypads are not allowed. "
  • 3.7 "Killing player for successfully pickpocketing any player is allowed."
  • 4.10 "Changing to Ankhtek security to pick up evidence or to arrest a player who is already wanted is not allowed."
  • 6.4 "Players are not allowed to rebuild their base unless a raider has not entered the base within two minutes or until all the raiders are dead."
  • 7.15 "Killing a player in any gang while in a neutral zone is allowed.
  • 8.5 "You’re not allowed to use spider potions or mounts to go through any windows or walls."
  • 7.11 "Killing a player for stealing your roleplay item within two minutes is allowed."
  • 3.10 "Jumps that are barely doable are not allowed. Ex.Jumps taller than the player model. Jumps that you cannot normally crouch jump over. "
  • 1.3 "Indirectly harassing a player is not allowed."
  • 3.3 "A single crouch cannot be larger than a 1x1 PHX prop. You cannot have multiple props together to make the crouches longer."
  • 4.5 "Bankers cannot raid the bank."

If you haven’t been chosen don’t give up! There is still hope. We are looking through applications daily and really appreciate your effort. ;) Incicive please contact me on ts3 for your rank.
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xx Comeback !

March 26, 2015, 07:19:23 pm by Re-L Mayer
The Garry's Mod team finally released/fixed the update! We are happy to say that our servers work perfectly and are back to normal. I know many of you may be pretty upset due to the loss of some credit items, which we understand. This is why we have came to a conclusion and decided to refund you guys!
Besides, remember to post an admin application! We are still seeking for new admins, if you haven't been accepted yet, just post another! Remember to put alot of effort into it to increase your chance massively!


Double XP mode is now active on all the servers (I think) and everyone who had any premium extending past the 9th now has that extending the same amount past the 30th. A few free days is the least we can do.

Let someone know if anything is still broken, enjoy!
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xx Friday (Saturday) update

March 21, 2015, 05:04:19 pm by GangWars
Hi Guys/Gals,
  Apologies I did not post a new front page article explaining the situation.

  In case you have not read the comments of the previous post, here's a direct link:

  Current status is that we are waiting on a fix for this issue: and don't want to risk switching NWVars to a net event system when there are still so many risks.

  If you could be so kind as to upvote the facepunch post that can only help in getting these issues resolved.

Thanks again.
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xx Server Downtime

March 18, 2015, 08:50:52 pm by GangWars
Hi Guys/Gals,
  As I'm sure many of you know by now, we have had quite a few problems with the latest GarrysMod update. To compound these issues, our lead developer Mercior has not been online in some days.

  I'm afraid this post is not to offer a solution for either of these issues, but to make sure the community is kept up to date with the situation as it stands. Currently we are evaluating the errors from the servers and have taken them down to reduce the chance of hacking attacks. We have seen initial forays into hacking due to outstanding gmod bugs and so we cannot risk major issues while we are a man down.

  Mercior has contacted a member of our admin team in order to confirm he's alive but we don't know much more than that. As it stands we believe he has been taken ill during a trip and we will know more by Monday.

  We will update you again no later than Friday so you know if the servers will be playable over the weekend. We have two developers working on the bugs right now but it appears the majority of what we face are problems with GarrysMod, not changes to GangWars. If this is the case then we should be back to normal operation fairly soon.

Thank you for your patience.
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