January 26, 2015, 04:18:43 am
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xx News & Promotions

January 24, 2015, 11:09:44 am by Re-L Mayer
Saturday !

We are happy that so many members gave us feedback on the last week announcement and voted in the poll. After going through votes I decided  that reset is happening since its what the overwhelming majority want! I understand you guys don’t want to lose credit items where possible and I will work with mercior to make sure we reset as little as possible with credit stuff.

I’m happy to say that we are almost done with the update! This last week we have reworked the tier system  bit to make it easier to tier up, and we have introduced tier locked items including new armor sets for high tier players.

Today, I want to congratulate and invite some new people to the admin team. I’m almost certain that they will be a great addition to admin team. They’ve been working hard on their ranks, so please welcome these new admins!

           The following names:

Demon :)

Also, I want to welcome back an old admin, Maldark. Many of you may know him as the wiki master, so here he is!
Please contact me on ts3 for your ranks and training :)
And CareBear

If you haven't been accepted don't give up ! There still a chance. We are always open for new staff members. So make sure to put a lot of effort in your application !

Have a nice day,
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xx GangWars 2015

January 17, 2015, 11:37:43 am by Re-L Mayer
Today we have made some decisions for the future of our lovely gamemode. These last few months have been a hard time for GangWarsRP but we finally decided to rise ! We made a short list for what we are going to do and what will happen in future:

  • New Head Admin, thats right from today I will be the acting head admin of this community and gamemode. What will I do you might ask? I’ll be trying to follow my mentor Thor, he showed me everything now it’s time to prove if the student can become the master. I will strive to keep the community fresh with ongoing events and giveaways, and most importanty I will be treating every player with respect and fairness. You can see me as a friend, I’ll be always answering your questions and try to make this place a better one.

  • GangWars 2015 update is coming guys ! I have worked with mercior to make a list of changes that the community want, and if you still got any ideas left in your mind don’t forget to state them under this post or just use Ideas & Suggestions section. So far we have made some progress into update, we have made fusion of 1.0 and 2.0 and added some sweet new systems: Such as daily rewards and a overhaul of the weapon crafting and damage systems to a DPS model. We are also working on some top secret stuff that will be very cool ;)

  • Events, As mentioned above, I’ll be planning to include some sweet events in the future and regularly give away cool items. We have dinosaurs, colored name tags, new wings, and more to be giving away often.

  • Forum Changes, We added subforums to Bug Section and Ideas & Suggestions  section. This was my idea, since it is easier to sort all suggestions and important bugs with admins help. Admins have permission to move important bugs and good suggestions into the subforums so that the high up staff can easier decide what are the most important things to update in the game. This way I can easily read the best suggestions and tell them to mercior.

  • Admin applications, It’s 2015 so why not hire some new faces to the team? Applications are open as always make sure to read all tips about writing application on admin. I’ll be glad to read all of yours applications and I will certainly be hiring new staff regularly. Good luck ! ;)

  • Poll, we have heard rumours that you guys want a reset of gamemode! We are going to make poll so each one of you will be allowed to make your own decision about future of GangWars. I would say If 70% of players will want reset we will do it when we make the 2015 update live. The poll will finish next weekend.

We look forward to hearing input from you guys, the community, as always!
Have a good day,

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xx Halloween :o

October 31, 2014, 04:50:18 pm by GangWars
Its that time of year again!

The event will run from 1 week until next Friday
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xx September Gang Season is Over!

October 02, 2014, 09:14:23 pm by BloodThirsty
The gang season for September has ended! The rewards were given out a tiny bit late but hopefully it's worth it. ;D

Fatalriders had taken first place, making Dutchy one of the owners of the Giant Spider Mount! Not bad!

Animosity had taken second place this season, with Brotherhood of Steel coming in third! Good work to all the people who participated! ;)

Aside from that, the contest winners will be announced in another post soon! Everyone has been pretty busy lately so we apologize for the inconvenience.

And to reinforce what I've said in previous posts, please continue to give us some suggestions you may have, we're looking at any and all like always! Don't forget to submit an admin app also!

Have a great weekend guys :)
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xx Double XP Weekend!!

September 18, 2014, 02:35:52 am by BloodThirsty
That's right! This Friday we will be starting up DOUBLE XP for the weekend, this will most likely run from Friday morning to Monday morning! :) It seems quite a few of you have leveled without it which is pretty great, hopefully you guys are able to hit some high tier levels!

I have a couple more things to add on Friday to hold you guys off until we have an update ready, prepare yourselves! Gang Cap Poles are definitely coming back like I've announced previously, and a few other things you guys wanted also.

Also, if you have a suggestion, please make it as we're looking at any and all (like usual). This is just a reminder for some of you guys out there. ;)

To hold you guys off until our update is ready, we will be hosting a Screen Shot Contest!! The reward will be a red/black name tag, since a few of you wanted these! :D

Contest Rules
ALL pictures must be submitted to www.imgur.com
Troll pictures will automatically disqualify ALL pictures submitted by that person
Submissions are limited to four pictures MAX per person.
Screenshots must be submitted to this thread!
Any type of screenshots are fine, no theme this time around.
You must include your Steam ID in the post! If you do not know it use our ID finder!
This contest will run for 1 week!

Stay safe and have fun guys!

Most Powerful Gangs
Gold Medal MickWop
Gold Medal Fatalriders
Gold Medal Cobra