August 01, 2014, 12:50:23 pm
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xx July's Season's End!

Today at 01:36:37 am by BloodThirsty
The first season for 2.1 has ended! As it was a short season there was no telling who was going to win! Points were juggled last minute but Whipper Snappers still ended up coming in first. Seduction had made it to second with Revelation coming in third.

Congratz to the Founder of Whipper Snappers: M3RCURY! Who now owns the only Giant Spider mount!

We've also decided that we're going to do a Paragon Leveling system, not a prestige! It will continue the XP curve and you will gain points for every level to put in an attribute of your choice. I personally think this will be a great addition to the end game and I know most of you agree!

Who will win next season?! I guess we'll have to wait and see!
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xx New Announcements!

July 28, 2014, 02:38:53 am by BloodThirsty
Sup guys! Today we have decided to update you guys on the patch that will be released this Friday! This will include a new Prestige / Paragon leveling system. You will be able to reset your level and put points into a certain attribute of your choice. We're hoping to improve the end game of the game mode a bit more with this update! We've also reverted to the old Adv Dupe due to some issues, sorry guys. I'm sure you guys will enjoy these changes though. :D

In addition to this I'd like to address the new rule changes, there are two largely talked about rules being added today. The first rule, 4.8 has been discussed a lot within the last few days and I personally do agree that the Police should not be able to build in the PD as the Police job is completely one sided! And the other: rule 8.4 just needed to be added for the new players. :)

Also! I'd like to announce some the new trial admins that have been brought on to the team! They've proved they're capable of administrating the servers. Give a big round of applause to JoneD, Mysterio, and Rolad! (Contact me on Steam or Teamspeak for your ranks) I'm positive they will do great.

edit: We've also brought Reluohs on to the Senior admin team! He's a great guy and has proved he's an excellent admin since he's received his position! Congratz buddy!!

Good luck and have fun guys!
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xx 2.1 Update

July 22, 2014, 05:54:59 pm by GangWars
As most of you have noticed, we have been silently patching the game the last few days to clear up bugs + issues that have arisen since release  8) Thanks as usual to everyone who has fed back bugs and helped make this a rather smooth release!

Today, we are upgrading the Advanced Duplicator to the "Advanced Duplicator 2" which clears up a lot of issues from the old advdupe - and will fix annoying things like other people copying your base, and saves with custom materials not working.

This change should occur at 6AM GMT - but it will mean that all your existing Adv Dupe files will be lost! So this news post is here to explain why that happened. We hope you understand, and we are sure you will prefer the new adv dupe as it functions a lot smoother.

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xx 2.1 Release

July 18, 2014, 02:19:27 am by GangWars
I'm happy to say that GangWars version 2.1 is now live on the servers!

Its been a fun ride over the last year of GangWars 2.0 and we developers have learned a lot about what players want to see in the game, and what they do not want. We really hope this patch delivers more of what you want, and we plan to keep this up for future updates!

I would like to thank everyone that has helped me organise this update - BloodThirsty & the Admin team have been invaluble in identifying key areas to work on. Cookie, for his lovely art. JoneD, who has produced our new tutorial video as well as being a generally helpful person, Everyone who has been on the test server this last week feeding back bugs, and ofcourse everyone who has supported us through buying credits! It couldn't happen without you guys!
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xx Update on The Update!

July 07, 2014, 11:49:42 pm by BloodThirsty

Hey guys! As most of you know, we've been working on an update hoping to fix & polish the game mode a bit more, using the suggestions you have given us along with some of our own ideas. We totally understand that some things about the game mode are iffy, and we have been doing our best to fix these problems and make the game mode a more enjoyable one overall. Obviously to start this off I'm going to summarize some of the things that are happening.


This is the most essential step to fixing the current game mode, we understand that the Gang Season rewards had almost broken the economy on it's own. We don't want every player running around with maxed gear yet either, as it doesn't really make the game mode any more enjoyable because what really else would there be to do? A reset is also needed because of the features we have changed/removed. You WILL keep your credit items and player names! This includes the ban list, for you banned players we decided this would give you the chance to play again!

Removal of Skills:
Skills were and are still a good idea on paper, just not in practice. We've had a lot of problems with skills in the past, and the team and I have decided that they are better off removed from the game mode completely. They do not belong in GangWars, and I know many of you will agree! (Mana will also be removed due to this, obviously).
Removal of Shock and Corrode:
We found that these were troublesome overall, we also did not think that we needed as many weapon damage upgrades in total. In addition to this we have also reworked fire and made it viable finally! There is no more resistances to these damages anymore either (obviously).
Buying Blueprints:
The blueprint shop has been reduced so that you may only buy blueprints up to level 45, I know we personally liked the idea of you having to drug farm or infuse your printers to get your blueprints, because you're not guaranteed to get the blueprint you want!
Are indeed returning, we have found that they were a great idea and decided to bring them back finally, many of you wanted this I know for sure 8). There will be two different kind of infusers, one for Weapon blueprints and one for Armor blueprints.
Rivalries & New Gang System:
We decided that rivalries can and were constantly annoying, everyone wants to be in a gang but not everyone can be asked to be killed on sight all the time, it is very troublesome to a lot of players, whether they are new or old. We have also brought gang capping back, with a twist! You will have 3-5 areas around the map that are capturable, you do not need to cap a pole but instead capture the area. I find this feature great and think you guys will too.
We have decided to remove healing with kits to make game play a bit faster overall, not being able to heal with kits make the game a bit less frustrating too. We have instead balanced ghost times and regen times so that you should be max hp before your enemies' ghost timer is up.
Instead of fragments, bars now come from forges. From mining you get fragments though.
There is no sprinting in the game mode any longer, instead your base speed is fast enough to compensate. This means your shift key does nothing in game.
We have balanced the Cop profession a bit more as it is a huge topic within the community, as you level the profession you gain speed but lose hp and damage. Cops should not be as bad anymore as they cannot heal like they used to be able to. The Police Department now has a main computer which, when destroyed will kill all the cops and noone can be cop for one hour after.

Hopefully most of you guys will enjoy this update as we have put a lot of time and effort into it, there is no ETA as of right now. We will keep you guys updated!
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