December 19, 2014, 02:16:57 pm
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xx Halloween :o

October 31, 2014, 04:50:18 pm by GangWars
Its that time of year again!

The event will run from 1 week until next Friday
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xx September Gang Season is Over!

October 02, 2014, 09:14:23 pm by BloodThirsty
The gang season for September has ended! The rewards were given out a tiny bit late but hopefully it's worth it. ;D

Fatalriders had taken first place, making Dutchy one of the owners of the Giant Spider Mount! Not bad!

Animosity had taken second place this season, with Brotherhood of Steel coming in third! Good work to all the people who participated! ;)

Aside from that, the contest winners will be announced in another post soon! Everyone has been pretty busy lately so we apologize for the inconvenience.

And to reinforce what I've said in previous posts, please continue to give us some suggestions you may have, we're looking at any and all like always! Don't forget to submit an admin app also!

Have a great weekend guys :)
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xx Double XP Weekend!!

September 18, 2014, 02:35:52 am by BloodThirsty
That's right! This Friday we will be starting up DOUBLE XP for the weekend, this will most likely run from Friday morning to Monday morning! :) It seems quite a few of you have leveled without it which is pretty great, hopefully you guys are able to hit some high tier levels!

I have a couple more things to add on Friday to hold you guys off until we have an update ready, prepare yourselves! Gang Cap Poles are definitely coming back like I've announced previously, and a few other things you guys wanted also.

Also, if you have a suggestion, please make it as we're looking at any and all (like usual). This is just a reminder for some of you guys out there. ;)

To hold you guys off until our update is ready, we will be hosting a Screen Shot Contest!! The reward will be a red/black name tag, since a few of you wanted these! :D

Contest Rules
ALL pictures must be submitted to
Troll pictures will automatically disqualify ALL pictures submitted by that person
Submissions are limited to four pictures MAX per person.
Screenshots must be submitted to this thread!
Any type of screenshots are fine, no theme this time around.
You must include your Steam ID in the post! If you do not know it use our ID finder!
This contest will run for 1 week!

Stay safe and have fun guys!


xx August's Season + Promotions!!

September 01, 2014, 11:35:34 pm by BloodThirsty
Today ends the Gang Season of August! This was the second season of 2.1 which went pretty smooth, no sudden place taking this time around!

Animosity had taken first this time around, and hit level 20 during the season, congrats! Whipper Snappers had taken second with Afro Ninjas coming in third. Nice work everyone!

Cloud is also now one of the owners of the new Spider mount, enjoy! :D

Today I'd also like to announce the promotion of JoneD! He's been doing a great job as a Trial Admin and deserves a promotion. Give him the respect you give all the other admins, like usual.

We always are always looking for new admins, so if you think you have what it takes to be an admin, apply!

Stay tuned and have fun this season, we have something in store for you guys soon :o
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xx Friday Update

August 15, 2014, 03:47:27 pm by GangWars
Its Friday and that means update day! :) I've been following the forums and listening to what you guys want so hopefully I caught all the things you guys wanted changing!

I also added a few extra surprises - This update sees "Nametag" items introduced which you can use to change the color of your name on the scoreboard + ingame to an animated color.

I have also added a new menu option when you press E on another player. You now have the option to challenge them to a 1v1 Fight and put a bet on who will win! Since I see lots of you making such challenges ingame I thought this would be an interesting thing to try.

There is also a multiplayer minesweeper game challenge added! The goal is to find the most mines you can - and the winner wins the bet, the same as in a 1v1 fight.

  • Added 'challenges' to the other player menu. You can challenge other players to a 1v1 fight, or to play minesweeper for a wager bet
  • Added 'nametag' items that allow name coloration
  • Added weapon display on death - tells you who killed you and with what gun
  • Added tier display on the scoreboard
  • You now get +25,000 points for a successfull gang base defense
  • Admins can use /lottery
  • Level 85 printers will make lvl 99 BP's
  • Trial Admins have a star on the scoreboard
  • Life convert upgrades buffed slightly (+3% base)
  • Gang OC Charger limit reduced to 2
  • Fixed the 'printer money' tier boost
  • You are instantly made wanted for starting a pickpocket
  • PD Computer Health is lower on the 1-30 server
  • Key to cap gang territory changed to SHIFT (sprint)
  • You cannot go terrorist for 5 minutes after the nuke
  • You can't destroy your printers during the nuke countdown
  • Taser has a cooldown - can't re-tase someone for 5 seconds after they revive
  • (fix) You need at least 1000 gang points to make a gang base
  • (fix) Fixed Gang Quantum printers not working
  • (fix) Gang logs not showing bug fixed
  • (fix) Stacker Tool obeys the prop limit
  • (fix) Gang Drug Growth Speed boost works
  • (fix) Fixed dropped weapons changing level lock if takedown orb used on it
  • (fix) Gang combi booster works
  • (fix) Can't spawn your mount while arrested
  • (fix) Stopped keypads being allowed on doors
  • (fix) Cutting laser can remove wall tool walls
  • (fix) Fixed bug where you couldn't delete old characters
  • (fix) Fixed the roulette questline
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