November 30, 2015, 08:34:33 pm
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xx Important news and Screenshot winners!

November 13, 2015, 06:28:07 am by c00t
-Quick note, The rewards have been given out and the screenshots are now uploaded into the loading screen. This includes a bunch of Christmas screenshots which were also not live on the loading screen.

Hey everyone!

I have some big news and an announcement I would like to share. First of all lets get the winners for this weeks screenshot competition announced! Yes I will get the screenshots from this week and the ones from the last contest put into the loading screen. Keep in mind I could only choose 5 winners so it was a tough decision! With that in mind please congratulate:

Soda Dragon

Congratulations to these 5 and if you guys could send me a PM on the forums with your exact ingame name and which prize you want (A Custom Crown Title or any one of the Feet Glows). If you choose custom crown title please send me what you would like it to be set as. All 5 winners have until Sunday to tell me what prize they want.

As for the important news! Co Bullet and I are now going to be patching the bugs and balancing the game out!  Currently Mercior is busy developing new things for GangWars and hasn't had the time to patch a lot of things that need fixing. We decided we would take this off of Merciors shoulders and do it ourselves so we can get these bugs fixed faster! :)

So be on the lookout for lots of detailed changelogs of exactly what has been changed. We will be browsing the suggestions forums heavily so make sure to get out there and suggest what is needed!

As for ARC and Rivals. That will be coming out very soon (Hopefully in a few days). We delayed it to make sure it is balanced out and is mostly bug free! I hope you see why we had to delay it but don't worry as it will come out soon!

To leave on a good note, I would like to announce a new Trial Admin! Sammyy! He was previously a Trial Admin and had to resign due to some personal issues he had to take care of. I'm more than happy to have him back on the team and i'm sure many of you are too!
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xx Screenshot contest + Rules update!

November 07, 2015, 11:37:13 pm by c00t

Hey guys! As you all know, ARC is set to release next Friday and with that in mind, I am going to host a screenshot competition to help pass the time! There is no specific subject of this week's competition so I want to see a variety of different pictures! This contest will run until next Thursday, which is the 12th of November, so get the submissions in. I will decide the 5 winners and announce them the next day when ARC should be released!

The winners will get to choose between
or (Any of the Feet Glow credit item)

Contest Rules:
-Pictures must be submitted to (No exeptions)
-Troll pictures will automatically disqualify ALL pictures submitted by that person
-Screenshots must be submitted to this thread!
-You must include your steam id in the post! (If you do not know it, use our ID finder)
-Only one person may claim a picture.
-Have fun :)

We know many of you have been waiting for the rule to be updated. Well I am happy to announce that the admin team and I have updated the rules to help clarify gaps and make everything smoother. Keep in mind that it is your responsibility to keep up to date with the rules and any ignorance to any of the changes made is not an excuse to break them.
(Thank you Maldark and Xenxo for helping out a lot with these! :) )
The Danish rules are being worked on and I will get them working as soon as possible. Something weird happened and I have to figure this out with merc.

I would also like to make it official and let you all know that rivals will be coming back soon! We will hopefully have rivals up and ready to be released very soon after or at the same time as ARC.
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xx October gang season winners!

November 01, 2015, 06:43:04 pm by c00t

Today was the end of the October Gang Season! There were a lot of battles and it was a pretty intense season but it looks like Challenjours ended up on top. The members of the gang earned their rewards and the leader of Challenjours, Barcode, has won the Giant Spider mount! :)

Second place goes to Evolution and third place was taken by Green Leaf.

All gangs have been awarded their prizes, points were reset, and a new season begins! Congratulations to everyone!

I would also like to congratulate Stealth as he has been promoted to full admin! He has shown that he has what it takes and has proven himself during his trial stage. Please congratulate him and don't be afraid to ask him for help!

Also the the admin team and I have revamped all the rules and these changes hopefully will go live tonight when I get home and have one last look at them to make sure they are how we want them! :)

Lastly, ARC is almost ready to be released! We are just doing some final testings and getting everything ready to go. We will get it out as soon as possible!
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xx Halloween 2015!

October 23, 2015, 05:52:50 am by c00t
Important changelog as of 10/27/15 reboot:
Code: [Select]
-Minigames (Minesweeper and Connect4) now have a 1 minute timer for each turn.
-Reworked forges
     -Forges now work like printers (30 bars captures the forge).
     - The maximum amount of forges you can have is 12. (With both forge expansion upgrades)
     -You only gain xp from your own forges.
-Gang items (coolers, overclockers, etc) now follow normal prop protection.
-You now have 5x less luck.
-Items in swag bag now drop when the person dies or reconnects.
-Lockpicking a gang base no longer triggers a war.
-Clicking 'Sell Building' with multiple owners on a door makes the next co-owner the owner of it

Its that time of the year again guys!

Download The Halloween Content Pack
Place in garrysmod/garrysmod/addons


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xx Screenshot contest winners + Double XP

October 16, 2015, 07:45:50 am by c00t
Hello everyone! I have a few announcements I would like to share with you guys including this week's screenshot contest winners! Thank you to everyone who entered in this competition. If your picture did not get chosen, don’t give up because there's always next time! With that being said, let's get to announcing the winners!

Mr. Leon
Dank Jew

Your prizes (Golden Mystery Boxes) are available ingame! Look for 'Rewards' on the top right of the main menu ingame

I would also like to announce that Double XP is enabled for the weekend! Now you can kick back and enjoy your weekend leveling up twice as fast on Gangwars!

Oh, and keep a lookout for something spooky coming very soon. ;)
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Most Powerful Gangs
Gold Medal Challenjours
Gold Medal Evolution
Gold Medal Green Leaf