March 02, 2015, 11:02:34 pm
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xx New rules !

Today at 10:14:50 pm by Re-L Mayer
Following rules has been changed/edited:

- Added danish version of rule 6.7.
- 5.4 "If you own a building, you must be actively basing in it.”
- 6.7 "You are only allowed to spawn 1 prop per raid.”
- 4.9 "AnkhTek Security cannot use special weapons. (i.e Gravity gun, Scythes, etc).”
- 6.8 "If you have a building sign on your base you may not be raided (excluding terrorists)”
- 1.2 "Excessive Racism is not allowed”
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xx ScreenShot !

February 28, 2015, 12:46:29 pm by Re-L Mayer

So, as you know the update has been launched, thank you all for the support and your patients through! I want to make an event, Screenshot contest! Goodluck, get em' rolling in.

Contest Rules:
ALL pictures must be submitted to .
Troll pictures will automatically disqualify ALL pictures submitted by that person.
Submissions are limited to four pictures MAX per person.
Screenshots must be submitted to this thread!
You can choose between 3 topics: Gangsters, Drug Dealer and Cops/Mayor.
We will be choosing 5 pictures of each category ;)
You must include your Steam ID in the post! If you do not know it use our ID finder!
This contest will run for 1 week!

I must announce to you, yet another admin to return! Please welcome Strk9 back in to the team :) . I'm sure he'll do a great job like the rest of the team. Don't forget that we are still looking for new admins ! ;)

Edit: Also please welcome back Mysterio on a trail admin desk !
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xx 2015 Release

February 27, 2015, 05:01:05 pm by GangWars
Finally the 2015 Update Release is here! Servers are opening now at the following IP addresses: - UpTown Newbies - UpTown Unlimited - DownTown Newbies - DownTown Unlimited

We hope you enjoy the update and the reset ! Re-L is looking forward to hosting events over the next weeks so keep an eye on the website for contents to win items!

* Please note that if you downloaded the content pack early yesterday using the content button link, instead of the link in the news post, you probably need to re-download the content pack!  *

We're not done yet with the game updates, either! We have created a new companion gamemode to GangWars which is focused on PvE combat in the 'AnkhTek Advanced Research Center'. This game is designed for high level players and allows you to obtain new, powerful tier locked armor sets as well as other special items!
The game is currently in beta testing, so keep an eye on the website for news on its release in the next week or two!

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xx 2015

February 22, 2015, 07:13:57 am by GangWars

GangWars 2015 Release:

Content download here
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xx Update Info

February 07, 2015, 02:02:33 pm by Re-L Mayer
Hello !
I’ve got something to share with you guys: A GangWars 2015 Update! I have been working with mercior and so far this is a list of some of the main things you can expect to see in the 2015:

Credit shop changes:

Credit expansions are now applying for your all characters, that means if you activate expansion on one character it will apply to all characters !
Right now you can use credit shop in order to buy yourself a name tag ! Also we are bringing some mounts to game ! Right now you can get yourself a Dinosaur from credit shop or Collect 300 Dino DNA !
Some nostalgia items? There we go ! We added a lot of VIP printers and VIP credit shop item ;)

Items change:

We removed SOJ and replaced it with blue meth & casino chips so getting orb blueprints won’t be that easy now. Also infinite orbs can’t make > lvl 4 upgrade.
Bars inventory stack now to 999 units !
Very powerful Tier locked armors and weapons available

Gamemode changes:

We added old gang poles back into the new territory system.
Also you can now raid easier ! You have new pack of 4 types slams to your use !
Added Mayor profession and changed a bit how it works you will see it in-game ;)
Errand missions & mass murder missions has been added back for you that don’t know what missions are they:
Errand mission were deliver "package” from point A to point B while doing it you get KOS hazard and also you are being wanted by police by finishing mission you get quite nice xp and money ;)
Mass Murder is a target to kill people in a time limit
Health has been rebalanced

XP changes:

We added new thing called Daily reward make sure you collect them all !
Since we add some TIER based items we nerfed a bit XP that you need to level up as TIER.
Printers stack XP differently. They have a cap on how much money they can hold now, instead of XP. This amount is shown on your printer, and VIP printers can stack 2x as much! We also added progress bars on printers!

Weapons changes:

Weapons now work on a DPS system
We added new crafting system, level of a weapon is based on the player level: You can craft bianchi on level 1 and you can equip it but keep that in mind that this gun will have really bad damage. So as soon you get higher level yours weapons will receive better base damage.
We added new type of weapons and armors to craft: Legendary they are much better than EPIC. Let’s find out who will first get Legendary gear !
We reduced recoil on weapons.
Repairing gear has been removed, but keep that in mind that crafting weapons cost more money now !

We hope to roll out new update in 1-2 weeks ! Once again thank you guys for waiting, we are grateful for all support from your side guys without you we couldn’t get there where we are now. Thanks for waiting and I’m sure that it will be worth it !

Please, if you think we’ve missed anything important or you have any more requests let me know - there is still time to get things changed or added!
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